Crowd Lifts Van Off Run-Over Female Pedestrian

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This is the moment a woman is run over by a reversing vehicle before a cop organises a crowd of over a dozen people to help lift it off her.

The unnamed victim from Zoucheng, which is a city in the province of Shandong in East China, is seen walking away from her parked car when the accident takes place on 2nd September.

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The CCTV camera footage shows the woman with her back to an orange vehicle, which is slowly reversing towards her.

The vehicle, which appears to be a mobile catering business, knocks the woman over before driving right over her, leaving the majority of her body stuck underneath.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The shocked van driver rushes over to help but he is unable to free the woman.

Patrolling officer Wei Po, who is with the Zoucheng’s Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau, is seen running over to the victim.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

He organises nearby pedestrian passers-by, witnesses, and even diners from nearby restaurants, all of whom help lift the light van off the crushed victim.

She is freed in a matter of seconds and found to have suffered cuts to her left hand and arm.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Fortunately, however, she was not in any life-threatening condition.

Wei said: “She was pinned underneath the vehicle and was unable to move.”

Meng Hanbo, a restaurant owner, recalled: “I really didn’t think too much about it. She needed help, so I went.”

Shop owner Han Xiaolin added: “She was pinned underneath, so we helped pull her out.

“Anyone would’ve done the same.”

Authorities investigating the case did not say whether the woman required hospitalisation.

It is also unknown whether the driver was punished for the accident.

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