Council Meet Sparks Chair Fight Between Middle-Aged Men

Story By: John FengSub-Editor:  Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report 

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a massive chair-throwing brawl kicks off during a local council meeting following “difference in opinion” between two middle-aged Chinese Community Party officials.

Security footage dated 14th November shows 17 male and female officials seated in the meeting room in the town of Guxiang, which is in Chaozhou City in China’s southern province of Guangdong.

As the party officials discuss village policy, a quarrel breaks out between the chairman and another member of the council.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

The chair slams his hand on his desk and picks up a bottle of water which he hurls across the room at the other member.

This sparks a fracas as all the officials stand up and three of them begin hitting each other with their plastic chairs, which are also dangerously thrown about, the video shows.

As members try to calm the room down, they pull apart the fighting officials and hold them back and more words are exchanged.

No one is believed to have been harmed during the embarrassing brawl, but the town committee said on 19th November that an official investigation had been launched into the matter.

The statement cited “differences in opinion” as the trigger for the heated disagreement, and said those involved would be “strictly punished”.

The committee did not disclose the nature of the policy disagreement which caused the fight.

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