Cops Question Young Woman Taking Car Tyre for A Walk

Story By: Amelia Guran, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/Igor Kot

This is the moment baffled cops challenge a young woman who appears to be taking a car tyre for a walk on a lead.

They stopped the young woman on Stroiteley Avenue in the city of Smolensk in north-western Russia’s Smolensk Oblast region, after getting numerous calls about the woman and her bizarre ‘pet’.

Pictures Credit: CEN/Igor Kot

She had apparently been walking the tyre for more than an hour when the police finally turned up. When she spotted them, she reportedly instantly became nervous and tried to hide by climbing into a nearby car to the surprise of the driver.

When they tried to ask what she was doing however, she reportedly became upset, screaming and trying to escape.

Pictures Credit: CEN/Igor Kot

The footage was filmed by people from a window overlooking the strange incident where they can be heard laughing as the drama panned out underneath them.

According to local media, the woman had no explanation for why she was walking the tyre, which she said she had named Mars.

Pictures Credit: CEN/Igor Kot

After failing to get a satisfactory answer however, they are said to have decided she was harmless and simply let her go.

A short while later, the young woman reportedly separated herself from her pet after the lead broke and the tyre was then left abandoned on the street.

One eyewitness told local media: “She seemed scared. We asked her name and what was happening to her, but she did not answer, the only thing we could find out was that her pet was called Mars.”

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