Cop Car In Surrey On Emergency Call Films Meteor Crashing To Earth

This is the awe-inspiring moment a police car with a blue flashing light heading to an emergency call films a small meteor crashing to the earth.

Newsflash obtained the footage from Surrey Police on 13th February, along with a statement saying: “You never know what you will see in this job. Tonight at 2:58 am whilst on our way to an intruder call in #Ewell, officers were treated to this #meteor flying through the sky before it burnt out in a flash of orange.”

Ewell is a suburban district in the borough of Epsom and Ewell in Surrey, around 10 miles south of central London, and cops confirmed that the meeting had been filmed early Monday morning.

The European Space Agency (ESA) had earlier also posted a tweet about the meteor, given the label Sar2667 saying that it was a one-meter meteoroid that was expected to strike the Earth’s atmosphere over northern France shortly before 4 am local time.

Photo shows a meteor in the sky in Surrey, London, Monday, Feb. 13, 2023. The European Space Agency (ESA) stated that Sar2667, a one-meter meteoroid, was expected to safely strike the Earths atmosphere over northern France. (@SurreyRoadCops/Newsflash )

That makes it 3 am local time in England which corresponds with the time the police car filmed the flash of light.

ESA added: “This is just the seventh time an #asteroidimpact has ever been predicted before it happens.”

They added it was a capital “sign of the rapid advancements in global asteroid detection capabilities!”