COOL AS ICE: Strong Winds Freeze City Streets In Washington

This footage shows powerful winds freezing up the streets of Washington as it violently carries around the falling snowflakes.

Suzy Moen, 30, told Newsflash in an interview that she filmed the video shortly after a chilly Christmas parade held in the city of Enumclaw, in the US state of Washington.

Suzy, who works as a manager at the City of Enumclaw Aquatic Centre, said that the crazy wind turned the weather as cold as ice as soon as it began blowing.

The footage shows that the winds were seemingly so powerful, that they even slowed down the vehicles that were being driven on the nearby road.

Strong winds after the Christmas parade in Enumclaw, Washington on Saturday, Dec. 3, 2022. According to Suzy Moen, Enumclaw is known for windy and gusty weather. (@Suzholston/Newsflash)

Although the area often has gusty weather, Suzy said that snow in December is a rare sight in her city.

And combined with the powerful wind, it made the evening that much colder, Suzy added.