Compo For Boy Who Lost Whole Family In Cable Car Crash

A boy who was the sole survivor of the horrific Mottarone cable car crash in Italy will receive nearly EUR 1 million in compensation, it has emerged.

Eitan’s granfather Shmuel Peleg who was was placed under house arrest in Petha Tikva, Tel Aviv, Israel. (Newsflash)

The disaster happened when a haulage cable snapped about 16 feet from the summit of Mottarone – a mountain near Lake Maggiore – on 23rd May 2021.

It caused an aerial tram to plunge about 70 feet before tumbling down the mountainside.

Eitan Biran, then aged five, was the only survivor of the disaster, which killed 14, including his mum, dad, toddler sister, and two great-grandparents.

The payout will be made by the company that insured the cable car, reported Italian media.

Eitan’s grandmother Etty Peleg currently investigated in Petha Tikva, Tel Aviv, Israel. (@etty.peleg/Newsflash)

The firm has set aside EUR 10 million in compensation funds. The remainder will be paid to about 60 other relatives of the deceased.

But the settlement has been slammed by operator Ferrovie del Mottarone Srl, which considers the amount offered too little.

The probe into the case is still ongoing, with 14 people still being investigated as suspects.

They face being charged with crimes such as manslaughter, culpable injury, or wilful omission.

Aya Biran-Nirko paternal aunt of Eitan, 5, the only survivor of a cable car accident on Lake Maggiore, Italy, on 23rd. (Newsflash)

It was earlier reported how little Eitan heartbreakingly asked “where’s mum?” when he was admitted to hospital in Turin with a head injury.

He has been regularly in the news following the crash due to a bitter legal dispute over his custody.

He is currently with paternal relatives in Italy, but his maternal relatives have been trying to bring him to Israel.

An Italian court gave his grandfather a suspended sentence in December for kidnapping the lad and briefly bringing him to Israel.

He was sent back to Italy the same month.