Colombias 1st Transgender Cop Undergoes Op For More Feminine Voice

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Story By: Ana LacasaSub-EditorJoana Mihajlovska, Agency: Newsflash

Colombia’s first transgender cop has undergone surgery to help her have a higher-pitched and more feminine sounding voice.

Andrea Cortes Guarin, 26, considered the first openly transgender police officer working in Colombia, recently travelled to the capital Bogota to change her vocal cords for a more female-sounding voice.

Dr Antonio Ballestas was in charge of the operation and spoke with media outlet Zona Cero where he explained they carried out a technique to turn her male larynx into a female one. (


The larynx is also commonly known as the voice box located at the top of the neck.

He went on to say: “With these vocal cords, Andrea will be able to produce higher-pitched sounds so she will speak more like a woman just how she always dreamed.

“There will be harmony between her physical appearance, which is a woman, and what she identifies with.”


Andrea will have to remain in bed rest for 15 days following the operation and will undergo therapy with a voice professional before she can completely get her voice back.

She joined the police force as Andres Cortes Guarin in 2015. After several legal battles that ended up in the Superior Court of the Popayan Judicial District, she was able to get her rights protected.

The court ordered the police to recognise her gender identity without affecting her police role and tasks in 2018.


She changed gender and started to work as Head of Communications for the police in the city of Cauca as well as launching a career as a lingerie model.

Local newspaper Pulzo said Andrea has been “banned” from giving interviews to local media over her gender identity since March 2020. However, the report does not provide any further information. (

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