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Colombia Recommends Masturbation To Stop COVID Spread

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The Colombian authorities have recommended their citizens masturbate to help stop the spread of the coronavirus but they warned people to “wash sex toys with soap and water” and avoid anal sex.

Colombian citizens are in lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19 until 13th April and the Ministry of Health has now issued a guide on sexual relations during the quarantine.

Firstly, the guide recommends “abstinence could be a valid alternative during crisis”.


The guide goes on to recommend masturbation as an option during the lockdown, reading: “Self-erotism is an option. There are ways of having sex pleasure that do not involve direct contact with other people. If you use sex toys, be sure to wash them with soap and water”.

The ministry warned couples to avoid “close contact, including sex, with any person out of your house. If you have sexual relationships with other people, reduce the number of partners to a minimum.”

The guide goes on: “The safest partner is the partner you live with. Having close contact, including sex, with the lowest number of people helps to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Always have consensual relations.”


The Ministry added: “If you commonly meet your sexual partners online or if you earn your living by having sexual relationships, consider postponing the dates. Online dates could be an option though”.

The guide told readers that the virus was not found in semen or vaginal fluids, adding that COVID-19 was not sexually transmitted.

However, it is said that “it could spread through direct contact with saliva or mucus” and that “it has been found in faeces of people infected with the virus,” with guide recommending citizens “avoid kissing” and “anal sex”.

It added: “Condoms and plastic barriers could reduce the contact with saliva and faeces, especially during oral or anal sex.

“Washing before and after having sex relationships is more important than ever.”

According to the latest figures from the Johns Hopkins University, Colombia has registered 1,065 people infected with coronavirus, 17 deaths and 39 recoveries.

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