CLIFF HANGER: Four People Including Two Kids Survive After Tesla Falls 250 Feet

Two children and two adults have survived after their Tesla plunged 250 feet off the side of a cliff at a notorious crash spot.

The accident in which the car carrying a four-year-old girl and a nine-year-old boy and two others crashed happened on a spot known as the Devil’s Slide in Northern California on 2nd January.

The Tesla sedan was left a mangled wreck after also flipping a few times before crashing into the rocks below – but incredibly, the people inside survived.

The site of the accident is a winding and steep coastal road around 15 miles (24 kilometres) south of San Francisco and most of the crashes at the spot are normally fatal.

Coast side fire protection officer Brian Pottenger said the crash site was just a few feet away from the shoreline.

He said: “We go there all the time for cars over the cliff and they never live. This was an absolute miracle.”

Yet all four were conscious and clearly alive when rescuers arrived to take them to hospital.

Initial research by investigators indicates that the Tesla was not in autopilot or full self-driving mode when the accident happened. It is also not believed that road conditions were a factor in the crash.

The car reportedly left the road as there was no guard rail at that location.

When the fire brigade arrived there, expecting the people inside would be dead, they said they were shocked when they saw movement below, indicating that at least one person was alive.

The operation they expected to be a body recovery, quickly turned into a fight for survival, battling rain, wind and waves.

The doors had also been smashed shut, meaning heavy equipment needed to be taken down to open them.

The children had been rescued first after a back window was smashed and the four were taken to hospital.

The children were unharmed in the incident and the two adults sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Search efforts take place to rescue people from a Tesla that fell down a cliff in Devil’s Slide, California, U. S. A., Monday, Jan. 2, 2023. Four people, including two children, are in critical condition after the incident. (@CALFIRECZU/Newsflash)

It is unclear if the two adults were related to the two children.