Church Insists No Miracle As Locals Flog Leaves From ‘Jesus’ Tree

A Roman Catholic diocese has insisted that the image of Jesus Christ on a tree in a Polish town cannot be considered a revelation after people started flogging leaves from the tree online.

The image, which looks like a head with a halo around it, first appeared on the tree – located in front of an apartment building in Parczew, Lublin Voivodeship – on 14th May.

Some interpreted the image as the Son of God, while others said it showed the Virgin Mary.

Since word of the “miracle” spread, people have been flocking to the tree – Bibles in hand – to pray, sing hymns, kneel, leave flowers, and light candles.

Parczew resident Anna told local media days ago: “I believe that this is a revelation. I heard about it from friends and left my house. It is a sign of divine providence.”

Despite Siedlce Diocese spokesperson Jacek Swiatek remarking that the image reminded him more of Eurovision Song Contest 2014 winner Conchita Wurst, there has reportedly been an huge interest in leaves from the “miracle tree”.

Polish media reported that a local personality named Adam Koscianczuk listed one such leaf on an online auction site.

The description reportedly read: “I am putting up for auction a fresh, genuine leaf from the holy tree in Parczew, packaged in a local newspaper. The leaf has witnessed extraordinary things. It is unique and holds magical value… It’s not a fake!”

Picture shows a figure interpreted as Jesus or the Virgin May that appeared on a tree in Parczew, Poland, undated. People began to gather under the tree for prayer. (CEN)

After the listing was removed, he took to social media to write: “Allegro has hidden the listing (it was already at PLN 110 [GBP 21]), but I won’t give up. We can joke around, but the matter is serious.

“I am starting a game under this post, and we will bid in the comments. The prize: an authentic leaf from this tree (not plucked, just lifted from the ground). Enter your proposed amount in the comments. The person with the highest proposal until Monday (22 May, 2023) at 21:38 wins and has 24 hours to transfer the proposed amount to the account of the Lublin Scientific Association for the Development of Psychiatry. I will personally deliver the leaf to the winner.

“We support child psychiatry in Lublin Voivodeship!

“I would like Parczew to be known for its exceptional history, traditions, and wonderful people. Things turned out the way they did, but we need to turn this buzz into something useful!

“It’s a lighthearted game, but the goal is very real and noble.”

According to local media, Adam is not the only person who has been trying to flog leaves from the “miracle tree”.

Others, say reports, have even been organising trips to the town.

Picture shows a figure interpreted as Jesus or the Virgin May that appeared on a tree in Parczew, Poland, undated. People began to gather under the tree for prayer. (CEN)

The Diocese of Siedlce has been trying to quell the hysteria by insisting that no miracle took place.

Father Swiatek said: “If we trace the history of apparitions from the 40th year after Christ until the present day, we have never had any apparitions on trees, windows, or walls. In Fatima, Portugal, the Virgin Mary did not appear on a tree.”

He continued: “In the Church, there has never been and will never be prayer directed towards apparitions. Prayer is always directed to God through the possible intercession of saints.”

The clergyman added: “We will not have any reaction on our part because the Church deals with serious issues, not cheap sensations.”

Father Swiatek also appealed to the faithful to be cautious in “accepting these quasi-supernatural, ultimately illogical and incomprehensible news” and emphasised that only the Church can confirm the authenticity of a miracle.