BUSH WHACKED: Police Officers Using Drone Catch Car Thieves Hiding In Thick Shrubbery

With their arms raised in surrender, two car thieves are seen here emerging from dense shrubbery into the arms of waiting officers, where they were arrested after they were tracked down by the use of thermal imaging cameras.

The pair were caught by a drone camera from the Brunswick Hills Police Department operated by Ptl. Zachary Getto on 15th January.

The police were chasing the pair travelling in a stolen car along Interstate 71, and they fled into woodland in Medina County in Ohio, USA, after crashing the vehicle.

But the thermal imaging camera of the drone quickly tracked them down and the operator was able to guide the deputies to the location of the two suspects.

Once they realised that they had been found, they handed themselves over with no further incident.

Picture shows BHPD Drone Pilot Ptl. Zachary Getto’s point of view, in Medina County, Ohio, on Sunday, Jan. 15, 2023. The pilot assisted the Medina County Sheriffs office in locating and arresting two individuals hiding deep in the woods. (@brunswickhillspolice)

Names and further details about the two arrested are not yet released.