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Builder Leaves Construction Site To Become Manicurist

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-Editor:  Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News 

Video Credit: CEN/@nails.sever.rnd

This is the young Russian man who left his shovel carrying on the building site to become a successful manicurist in a shopping centre.

Hailed for breaking gender stereotypes, Denis swapped careers to become a manicurist thanks to his now-wife Nadezhda.

Picture Credit: CEN/@nails.sever.rnd

According to local media, Denis moved to the city of Rostov-on-Don in the south-western Russian region of Rostov Oblast several years ago.

He made ends meet by labouring on a local building site, but the money left him short every month and he needed other ways of making extra cash.

Video Credit: CEN/@nails.sever.rnd

Nadezhda suggested that he join her in her beauty salon and although the idea was not attractive at first, Denis thought long and hard about it and eventually decided to give it a go.

Now working together in their salon in a bustling shopping centre, Denis admits that customers are often shocked when they see a make nail technician, but his new role has brought in more than business than before.

Picture Credit: CEN/@nails.sever.rnd

He said that many clients are curious about trying out the ‘new boy’, adding: “We do get some surprised customers, but I am yet to encounter anyone who was upset that a man was providing the service.

“We always inform our clients about it, and those who are not okay with it can cancel their appointment at any time.”

Video Credit: CEN/@nails.sever.rnd

Even though he is now earning more money than he did on the building site, Denis admits that it is probably harder work.

He told local media: “This is such a difficult job, both physically and mentally. Mentally, this job should not be considered a ‘female job’.”

Netizen ‘AndreevaRf’ said: “You guys are really cool!”

Video Credit: CEN/@nails.sever.rnd

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