Brutal Thief Put Woman In Choke Hold To Steal Phone

Story By: Jonathan Macias, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit:CEN

This is the moment a thief grabs a woman by her neck from behind and lifts her into the air as her legs flail before dropping her to the ground, stealing her phone and running away.

The disturbing incident occurred outside a building in the Tlatelolco area in the Cuauthemoc borough of the Mexican capital Mexico City and was recorded by a CCTV camera.

Pictures Credit:CEN

In the video, an unnamed woman can be seen walking towards the entrance to a building when a man wearing a cap sneaks up behind her. The man then forcefully grabs the woman from behind, wrapping his arms around her neck and lifting her into the air.

The woman’s legs flail in the air as she is seemingly throttled. She tries to get out of the man’s grip but cannot do so and appears to lose strength.

The thug then drops her to the ground where she lies as he runs away. A man inside the building then rushes out and chases after the criminal before helping the woman to her feet and taking her inside.

Local media report the thief stole the woman’s phone in the brutal assault.

It is unclear if the victim reported the robbery to the police or if she was transferred to a hospital. It is not known if the thief has been identified or if any arrests have been made.

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