Cars Washed Away As Flooded City Street Becomes River

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Video Credit: CEN/@FranciscoMunizP

This is the moment cars are dragged down through the streets by strong currents after heavy rains flooded a city.

The startling scenes were recorded by onlookers in the municipality of Matehuala, in the northern Mexican state of San Luis Potosi after heavy rainfall caused flash flooding in the area.

In the video, the powerful flood waters can be seen surging down a city street carrying several cars downstream.

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Pictures Credit: CEN & CEN/@FranciscoMunizP & CEN/@MatehualaUnaNuevaHistoria & CEN/@matehuascity

The surging waters take the vehicles down with them as stunned onlookers laugh, and other clips show cars piled up on top each other in the middle of the gushing water.

And the flooding can also be seen covering the floor of a supermarket in the city.

Civil Protection confirmed that nobody was injured but they said that lots of shops, supermarkets and houses were damaged by the water.

Video Credit: CEN/@MatehualaUnaNuevaHistoria

Juan Manuel Carreras, the Governor of the State, said that nobody has been reported as dead and added that the Secretary of the Government Alejandro Lean Tovias will travel to the city in order to evaluate the consequences of the heavy rains.

Video Credit: CEN/@matehuascity

According to local media, at least 50 vehicles were affected by the flooding, with some reports suggesting as many as 300 vehicles had been affected.

Video Credit: CEN

Local media report tow trucks will be used to move the cars which had been piled up and a shelter will be made available for those whose homes have been affected.

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