Brutal Attack As Victim Jogged

A man accused of raping a British journalist as she was jogging has been seized by police in the Lebanese capital Beirut.

Photo shows the Syrian man who allegedly raped a British journalist in Beirut, Lebanon, undated. Lebanese police arrested him for “attempted rape” and he allegedly admitted to carrying out more than 30 attacks. (Lebanese Internal Security Forces/Newsflash)

The Lebanese authorities said that the attacker had confessed to carrying out 30 similar attacks.

The reporter had been running by the city’s waterfront when her attacker allegedly ambushed her in the Biel area of the Lebanese capital Beirut on Wednesday, 29th March, according to Lebanese authorities.

Aya Iskandarani – a journalist friend of the victim – said on Twitter in English that her friend had been raped. She said: “Sharing a heavy msg from a friend in Beirut.

“Sad we’ve come to this, but avoid the area if you’re a woman!

“Yesterday evening a friend of mine, while out jogging, was violently attacked and raped by a still unknown man near KidsMondo on the road to the Beirut waterfront.”

She added: “She is lucky to be alive due to the violence inflicted on her.

“Both she and I are concerned this will happen again in the area where there is no cctv and also the police basically don’t give a sh*t.

“Please spread this message.

An illustrative photo of Beirut, Lebanon, where a Syrian man tried to rape a British journalist, undated. He attempted to rape her when she was jogging. (Newsflash)

“Women absolutely should not have to caution themselves and we should be able to walk and travel freely everywhere but unfortunately this is the sick world we live in and we want to make sure people are warned of this area.”

The Lebanese Internal Security Forces have since made an arrest and released a photograph of the unnamed alleged attacker, reportedly of Syrian origin, but they also said that they had arrested the suspect for “attempted rape”.

The Lebanese Internal Security Forces said on Sunday, 2nd April: “The Information Division at record speed arrested the suspect of the assault and attempted rape of a British journalist in the waterfront area in Beirut near KIDS MONDO, which took place on 3/29/2023, and the investigation is underway under the supervision of the competent judiciary.”

The identity and present condition of the British journalist are currently unclear but some reports suggested she was taken to hospital.