Brit Influencer Claims Turkish Dentist Botched Teeth And Threw Her Out Midway For Dinner

Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

A British influencer who travelled to Turkey to get her teeth done has claimed that the dentist damaged her teeth before asking her to leave in the middle of the procedure because his team wanted dinner.

Longing for a perfect smile, fashion influencer Sule Akpinar Cooper, 45, contacted the Turkish dentist, identified as C.K., who was well established on social media, according to local media.

She reportedly wanted to undergo an aesthetic dental procedure to make her teeth resemble those of Turkish actress Hande Ercel who she admired very much.


During the procedure on 13th October, C.K. who called himself ‘the architect of smiles’, allegedly sanded down a drastic amount of Cooper’s problematic teeth as well as her good ones.

Even more shockingly, midway through the procedure the doctor allegedly dismissed Cooper from the clinic and left the treatment unfinished.

According to local paper Bursa Hakimiyet, he said: “I’m not doing your teeth, go wherever. My employees are hungry. Come on, everybody wants to go to dinner.”


Cooper then turned to other dentists to have her teeth fixed, but they said it would take at least a year for her badly damaged teeth to recover, according to reports.

The British influencer claimed that she could not eat and had difficulty speaking after the incident.

She has since filed a criminal complaint against the doctor for ‘deliberate negligent injury’, according to local media.


Cooper’s lawyer Yunus Tekes said: “My client has paid EUR 4,600 (GBP 4,053) for the procedure. She suffered a lot. She could not eat for a long time and had a swollen face.

“Her face is deformed and she had to undergo operations by other dentists to restore her teeth. She has been informed that her treatment will take at least one year.”

He demanded that the suspect and his dental technician pay compensation for ‘deliberate injury’.


Dates of a possibly scheduled court hearing have not yet been announced.

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