Brave Mum Tries To Stop Rolling Pedicab With Body

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This is the moment a brave mother-of-two tries to block a pedicab as it rolls backwards down a hill with children inside but ends up with the vehicle falling on top of her.

The heart-stopping accident happened in the county of Sihong, which is in Suqian City in East China’s Jiangsu Province, as Wu Youyou was on her way to fetch her eldest son from school.

Wu said: “The elderly woman was driving ahead of me and it looked like her pedicab was struggling to get up the hill, so I got out to help her push it.”

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The footage shows her jumping from her pedicab and sprinting towards the other pedicab further up the road which is rolling backwards down the slope.

The pedicab’s elderly woman driver tries to steady the vehicle but cannot stop it from rolling off the road and towards a ditch.

The incredibly brave Wu, 31, stands behind the pedicab and tries to stop it, but she is pushed off the road and thrown into the ditch, with the pedicab then landing right on top of her.

Nearby residents lifted the pedicab off Wu and took her to hospital.

Wu suffered a broken left leg for her troubles, but her intervention is believed to have spared the pensioner and her grandchildren serious injuries.

“All I could think about was how horrible it would be if that pedicab was to overturn,” she said, adding: “It was very dangerous for the kids.”

Wu said: “I think anyone in my position would’ve done the same.”

Yan Baoli, deputy chief of the Guiren Police Station, has revealed its officers have applied for a special reward for the brave woman, who has been called ‘China’s Most Beautiful Mother’ online.

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