Angry Birds Dive-Bomb Curious Woman Close To Chick

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This is the moment a woman is sent scurrying away as two dive-bombing crows attack her after she stopped to check on a chick that apparently fell from a tree.

The incident took place in the north-eastern Turkish province of Rize when the woman, identified as Ilknur Civil, left her work to go on lunch break.

She spotted a crow chick on the ground and nudged it with her foot to check if it was still alive.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

However, in that moment at least two crows attacked her and sent her scurrying down the road.

Civil said: “It was like a scene from a horror movie. I went on my lunch break and saw a baby crow on the ground.

“I checked it with my foot and was about to put it to one side when the big crows came and attacked me from behind.

“When I looked back, three (footage appears to suggest two) huge crows were attacking me.”

According to Civil, she suffered scratches to her shoulder and said that “five or six other people have also been injured” in recent days.

She claimed that “colleagues’ heads were bleeding after being attacked and they needed to go to a clinic for tetanus shots”.

Civil added: “The authorities came by and found the baby crow. They spotted a nearby crow’s nest and placed it there. Then there was peace in the area.”

Sibel Abdiu

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