Amazing Psychedelic Rainbow Clouds Look Like Jellyfish

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Picture Credit: CEN/@svetlana_kazina_altai

These stunning photographs show psychedelic rainbow-coloured clouds snapped in the mountains by a photographer who says they look like “jellyfish”.

Russian photographer Svetlana Kazina from the Altai Krai region in south-central Russia captured the incredible clouds floating around the Belukha mountain, which is the highest peak in the Altai mountains.

The stunning images show the multi-coloured clouds floating over the valleys surrounding the mountain. The clouds appear to be made up of vibrant colours which at some points are scattered through the air as the cloud appears to break up.

Kazina said: “Took a picture of this beauty in the morning.”

Picture Credit: CEN/@svetlana_kazina_altai

Svetlana noted that the clouds look so thin in her photos that they resemble lace.

She added: “The wind was very strong at that height and the cloud’s pattern would change every second.”

She compared the cloud’s appearance with opal jellyfish, rainbow veil, and soap bubbles.

This optical phenomenon is called cloud iridescence or irisation and usually appears in the general proximity of the sun or moon. The phenomenon caused by small water droplets or small ice crystals individually scattering light.

Picture Credit: CEN/@svetlana_kazina_altai

Svetlana Kazina told Central European News (CEN): “I have a lot of interesting material, a lot. For example photos of the rare transparent ice which you can barely see anywhere or unusual clouds, unusual ice sculptures which you can see on shores of some lakes.”

Netizen ‘melkulay’ said: “This is unbelievably beautiful.”

And ‘plotvinova’ added: “Fairy-tale-like beauty, simply amazing! I have never heard about this phenomenon! Thank you for sharing ‘miracles’ with us.”

While ‘planeta_zzzzzz’ commented: “This is absolutely mind-blowing.”

Picture Credit: CEN/@svetlana_kazina_altai

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