Amazing Escape Of Girl Who Plunged 50ft Onto Auto Bonnet

This is the miracle moment when an autistic three-year-old falls 50 feet from her apartment window onto a car bonnet and amazingly survives.

Shocking CCTV footage shows little Asel Gulmez at the moment when she slams into the steel bonnet of the car parked beneath her home in the neighbourhood of Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, Turkey.

As she crashes onto the car, she bounces three feet into the air before landing back on the bonnet and sliding down onto the road.

At first, she rolls over and tries to stand up before a woman rushes over and scoops her up into her arms.

Local media puts Asel’s amazing escape down to the fact that her fall was broken by lines of washing hanging outside the window of the flat below.

Photo shows Asel Gulmez who fell from the fourth floor of a building on the bonnet of a parked car in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, Turkey, with her mother, undated. The girl survived the fall without any injuries. (Newsflash)

After the fall – on 21st May – Asel was treated at hospital for minor injuries.

Car owner Velat Yaman, later told local media: “A three-year-old girl with autism fell directly to the bonnet of the car from the fourth floor.

“Thank God, the child is fine. She was taken to the hospital by her family, she is fine now.

“The front of the car is a little dented, but luckily nothing happened to the child, so it doesn’t matter.”