7kg Of Rubbish And Underwear Found In Dead Deer

Story ByAlex CopeSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News 

This is the dead deer which has been found with no external wounds and seven kilogrammes of rubbish inside its body – including a pair of men’s underwear.

The body of the 10-year-old deer was found in the Khun Sathan National Park in Nan province in northern Thailand with no external wounds.

Picture Credit: CEN/Office of Conservation Area 13

Experts then began dissecting the deer and found its body was packed with rubbish which included plastic bags, food packaging and even a pair of men’s underwear.

Local conservation office Director Kriengsak Thanomphan said it seemed as if the rubbish had been accumulating in the animal’s stomach “over a long period of time”.

Reports state the animal was underweight and it is believed to have died from a combination of gastrointestinal obstruction and old age.

Picture Credit: CEN/Office of Conservation Area 13

Thanomphan said measures to manage plastic waste in Thailand needed to be created.

He suggested asking local residents to help clear up rubbish in the national park and creating a committee to regulate waste management in the park.

The deer has been transferred to undergo forensic examinations in a research centre in Lampang province.

Thailand’s cabinet endorsed plans for a ban on single-use plastics by 2022 this month.

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