46yo Beats Wheelchair Stroke To Become Bodybuilder Champ

Story ByLee Bullen,Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyAsia Wire Report

Picture Credit: AsiaWire/@kellvin.lim.3

This is the 46-year-old bodybuilding champion who suffered a stroke five years ago and was still using a wheelchair until two years ago.

According to reports, Kellvin Lim from Singapore collapsed while on his way to work five years ago after suffering a cerebral haemorrhage.

Hospital doctors warned Lim’s family that he only had a five to 10 percent of surviving the surgery and a high possibility of spending the rest of his life as a vegetable.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire/@kellvin.lim.3

Lim had difficulty moving the left side of his body and needed a wheelchair to move around. He was also dependent on his wife and family for many things.

He told local media: “I used to frequently wet the bed. There’s a coffee shop below my home that’s about 300 metres away but it would take me 15 minutes just to wheel myself over.

“It always felt as though people were looking at me and I became really depressed.”

He added: “But no one else can help me, only I can help myself.”

Picture Credit: AsiaWire/@kellvin.lim.3

Lim spent the next three years recovering and taking part in physiotherapy, but he realised he had piled on the pounds during this period.

He said: “I wanted to change myself, so in 2017 I got rid of all my bad eating habits and spent my mornings swimming and my evenings at the gym.

“I even hired a private trainer and lost almost 20 kilogrammes (44 lbs) that year.”

“A lot of times when I was out of breath, I felt like giving up. But thinking of my family and my business, I just had to persevere.”

Since fighting back to full health, Lim finished second runner-up at the 2018 Fitness Ironman bodybuilding competition in the over 176-centimetre category and came second in this year’s competition in the over-40s category.

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