16 Injured As Train Derails After Lorry Smash

Story By: Koen Berghuis, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

These pictures show the aftermath of a train crash that left 16 injured when it derailed after hitting a lorry on an unguarded level crossing.

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Picture Credits: CEN

The accident happened yesterday (Thursday) around 11am in the Donaustadt neighbourhood of Vienna, the capital of Austria.

The train had just left Vienna and was making its way towards the nearby Slovak capital of Bratislava when shortly after passing through the station of Aspern Nord it hit a small lorry on an unguarded level crossing.

According to local media, the lorry driver did not see the train approaching the unguarded railway crossing at high speed.

The train’s motor car derailed and ended up high in the air meaning the fire brigade had to help the passengers get out of the train.

A fire brigade spokesman said: “It came to a collision between a lorry and a fast train on the level crossing.

“Hereby the first carriage of the train derailed and landed on top of the lorry.”

The severely injured lorry driver was trapped in his cabin and had to be rescued by firefighters.

The spokesman added: “The man was flown to a hospital with a rescue helicopter.”

In total 16 people were injured – three severely.

The rescue mission, in which 60 firefighters and a few dozen medical workers and police officers were involved, lasted until late in the evening.

In the evening, the firefighters started the operation to salvage the train carriage to clear the railway line again.

It is estimated that trains will be able to run normally today on the line.

Koen Berghuis

Editor of DACHS / Benelux desk for Central European News, roving correspondent with a penchant for travel, culture, geopolitics, history and the in-depth story behind the headlines.