12yo Bully Pulls Angry Mums Hair And Punches Her

Story ByElena Kalioglo, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment a 12-year-old boy pulls the hair of a mum and punches her after she reportedly confronted him about bullying her son.

The incident was filmed at a sports field near School No.37 in the city of Nizhnekamsk in the south-western Russian republic of Tatarstan after the mother, identified as Ilseyar Gamirova, confronted the alleged bully.

Picture Credit: CEN

In the footage, the boy, named Maxim, is seen pulling the woman’s hair and punching her several times.

Gamirova said: “Maxim has been pursuing my nine-year-old son for two months, using physical force to intimidate him.

“Maxim comes from a broken home and when I went to speak with a parent, I could not find anyone in the evenings. I saw him talking with older boys. It seems to me that he could be doing what his older friends are telling him to do, perhaps even collecting money for them.”

Picture Credit: CEN

According to Gamirova, the brazen boy is also trying to extort money from parents too.

She said: “Personally, he once asked me when I receive my salary to give him some of my money.

The local police have confirmed that they are investigating the allegations.

Picture Credit: CEN

Meanwhile, reports said that the boy responded to a social media post of the video he appears in, commenting: “People, forgive me please. I didn’t want to do it.

“Forgive me please, I am ready to kneel in front of the woman and beg for forgiveness.”

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