World’s Sexiest Athlete Says German Athletes Are Forced To Take On Extra Hustles To Survive

World’s sexiest sprinter Alica Schmidt has revealed that track and field athletes in Germany are urged to take on side hustles in order to survive.

Photo shows Alica Schmidt, 24, undated. The German athlete says it’s not easy to make money from sport. (@alicaschmidt/Newsflash)

The stunning 24-year-old German runner shocked her fans when she revealed in a TikTok video that she barely makes any money from professional sports.

Superfast Alica who can knock off 400 metres in less than 55 seconds, said: “In principle, I have to say that it is not easy for most German track and field athletes to make a living from sport.

“In Germany, if we’re in the squad, meaning in the national team, we get EUR 700 [GBP 610] from Sporthilfe [German Sports Aid Foundation].”

Alica who runs for German sports club SC Charlottenburg from Berlin, Germany, explained that the foundation’s support is simply not enough for a living in inflation-stricken Germany.

The media and communications management student said that she also receives “a small payment” from her club each month, and added: “But that’s usually not enough for a living.”

Alica, who boasts more than 4.7 million followers on Instagram, claimed that most of her colleagues don’t get paid by their clubs at all.

In addition, she explained that participation in competitions is barely worth it from a financial perspective “because you have travel and hotel costs that are not always covered”.

Photo shows Alica Schmidt, 24, undated. The German athlete says it’s not easy to make money from sport. (@alicasmd/Newsflash)

The track star continued: “Then there is the option of joining the Bundeswehr or Federal Police. You have to say that this is really done very well in Germany.”

According to Schmidt, athletes employed in the German army earn around EUR 2,500 (GBP 2,181) a month after successfully completing a four to six-week training course.

The 24-year-old woman added that the job gives them the freedom to focus completely on sports.

Getting a job as a police officer would result in a similar salary but more working hours a week, claimed Alica, and explained that the circumstances encourage many athletes to look for side hustles.

She said: “Most of us study part-time in order to build up a second source of income, or even have mini-jobs that we do on the side.

“I am grateful that I earn my money with social media and can save myself another part-time job.”

She did not reveal how much she earns on the social media platform.

German runner Alica Schmidt, 24, poses in undated photo. She challenged Manchester City striker Erling Haaland, 23, to a 400 metre race. (@alicasmd/Newsflash)

Schmidt made headlines when has sent a challenge to Manchester City’s fleet-footed star Erling Haaland saying she could run rings around him.

While answering media questions on 21st August at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, Alica said: “So, Haaland, if you’re ready to race, I would be happy. Let’s see who’s faster!”

It would not be the first time Alica has taken on a professional footballer after she trashed Haaland’s former Borussia Dortmund teammate Mats Hummels, two years ago.