Woman’s Brutal Attack On Pump Attendant

This is the moment a female thug brutally assaults a petrol station attendant after refusing to wait her turn to be served.

The vicious attack on victim Lucia Rodriguez took place in Tucuman, Argentina, on 1st May, but the CCTV footage only started doing the rounds online recently.

Shocking snaps show how Lucia was left with nasty injuries, including bumps and cuts to her face, following the savage beating.

She told local media: “It all started because, at the station, we have one line for refuelling motorcycles and another for cars. She got in the wrong one.

“That’s when I told her she had to go to the other place, and she started insulting me.

“She left, and five minutes later she came back and started violently hitting me until my coworkers managed to remove her.”

The footage shows how the woman – not named in reports – lunges at Lucia, taking her by surprise with a flurry of punches.

A male colleague can be seen running over in a bid to stop the attack, only for another woman to appear and start grappling with him.

Lucia Rodriguez talks in undated footage. Lucia was brutally beaten at a gas station in Tucuman, Argentina, on Monday. May 1, 2023. (CEN)

The other woman also appears to briefly attack the attendant.

After the onslaught was finally stopped, Lucia had been slapped, punched, and had her hair pulled.

She said: “They hit me in the face and head. I’ve been left with a lot of fear, especially the fear of going out on the street.

“I filed two complaints. The first one about what happened, and the second one because the aggressor continued coming to my workplace to look for me and telling my coworkers that she would hit me again wherever they saw me; that they were waiting for me on the street, at the station.

“And honestly, I don’t understand it. Why so much anger?”

Lucia continued: “I don’t understand why there’s so much violence and anger towards a person whom you don’t even know.

“They don’t know that I have a family, whether I have to go back, or if I have children. They don’t know me. They showed no mercy in attacking me.”