Woman Dies After Home Bum Enlargement Performed By Man She Met Online

A woman has died following a cosmetic bum op performed in her own home by a man she met online who claimed he was qualified to inject hydrogel into her buttocks.

Jenifer Maclis Virissimo Cordeiro Silva, 34, underwent the procedure around Sunday, 21st November.

Hydrogel injections are said to be one of the riskiest buttock enhancement techniques. Although it is cheaper than surgery, it is considered dangerous and is even illegal in the USA, for example.

Jenifer Maclis Virissimo Cordeiro Silva who died after undergoing a cosmetic procedure on her butt indoors in Goiania, Brazil, that she arranged through a social network. (Newsflash)

The procedure took place in the woman’s home in the city of Goiania in the Brazilian state of Goias. According to the victim’s family, it was carried out by a man she had found on social media.

He apparently told the woman he was a “biomedic” and came from another Brazilian state.

The woman reportedly began to feel ill the day after the procedure and she was admitted to the Governador Otavio Lage de Siqueira Emergency Hospital, where she remained in the ICU.

She succumbed to multiple organ failure on Saturday, 4th December, and she was buried in the town of Araguapaz, also in Goias, where her family lives, on Monday, 6th December.

A police report was filed on the same day, and the Civil Police (Brazil’s investigative police force) is now investigating the case.

Police chief Bruno Henrique Soares Mateus said it is not currently known if the man who performed the procedure was trained to do so or had any knowledge of medicine at all.

He has not yet been identified. However, the police will analyse the woman’s mobile phone and question her family and friends to ascertain his identity.

Once found, he faces a possible charge of manslaughter.