Twin Brothers Become Twin Sisters After Simultaneous S3x Change Ops

These two twins are believed to be the first in the world to have undergone simultaneous sex change operations.

Mayla Phoebe de Rezende and her sister Sofia Albuquerck, 19, underwent gender reassignment surgery in the Brazilian municipality of Blumenau on 13th and 14th February respectively.

Mayla and Sofia were born as biological males but have long identified as females and had discussed the topic with each other at length before the operations.


Mayla told local media: “I’ve always identified with the female sex, since I was three years old. You know when you blow a dandelion and make a wish? I asked for God to turn me into a little girl.”

The sisters, who hail from the Brazilian municipality of Tapira, have long been used to insults and name-calling from their peers.

Mayla told local media: “In high school, they called me gay, they made fun of me in my tight trousers, they said I couldn’t hang out with the girls because I was ugly.”


However, the teen revealed their family was supportive of their decision to change sex. She told local media: “My grandfather had a house and he sold it to pay for our operations.”

She added: “I’ve never been rejected by my family. My parents’ fear is not that we be who we are, but that others hurt us.”

Despite her family’s acceptance of their decision to change sex, Mayla still fears for her safety, given Brazil is the country in which most transsexuals and transgender people are killed each year.


She told local media: “I’m still afraid of some guy on the street who might insult me or hit me.”

Mayla, who is studying medicine, and Sofia, who is studying engineering, were first told about gender reassignment surgery by their older sister when they were 10 years old, and they wanted to undergo it ever since.

The twins, who also have a younger sister, had to be closely monitored for two years before having the operation, from which they are both recovering well and are just suffering minor discomfort.


The sisters had the operation performed privately. However, it is also available through Brazil’s public healthcare system, though waiting times to start the process through the public system are reportedly up to five years.

Last year, the minimum age to undergo gender reassignment surgery in Brazil was reduced from 21 to 18 and the minimum age to be prescribed puberty blockers was dropped from 18 to 16.

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