Turk Hubby Slashes Wifes Neck In Front Of Kids For Wanting Divorce

Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Joana Mihajlovska, Agency:  Newsflash

A Turkish husband has caused this horror injury to his wife’s neck when she asked for a divorce and he reportedly attacked her twice with two different knives.

Esra Oymak, 30, was attacked by her husband Mikail Oymak, age not disclosed, after he flew into a rage when she said she wanted to leave him.

The mother-of-three was attacked at their family home in the district of Saruhanli in the western Turkish city of Manisa.


The victim said her husband first slashed her with a craft knife and then grabbed a kitchen knife to cut her again.

The woman was rescued after her father, who was close to the house at the time, heard her screams and was able to pull her to safety from a ground floor window.

Esra was then rushed to hospital where she was given 15 stitches to a 15-centimetre wound her husband allegedly caused.


The suspect was arrested and released by prosecutors one day later. However, the victim complained and Oymak was rearrested on the order of a different prosecutor on 23rd November.

Esra said in an interview with the news site DHA: “He tried to cut my throat with a craft knife when I told him I wanted a divorce. I could not push him away. He then took another knife and tried to cut my throat again.”

The victim said she could not believe he was trying to kill her until he went to the kitchen to get another knife.


She said she went to the window hoping to climb out, but her husband returned and shouted: “I will kill you, you cannot escape that way!”

The victim said: “My father came and pulled me out of the window. My husband slashed my throat in front of my children. The kids were yelling ‘please don’t daddy!’ but he wouldn’t listen. At one point he even turned to them with the knife in his hand.

“After the incident, he was imprisoned for one day but then released. I spoke to another prosecutor. I explained everything and showed him my wound. Thanks to the prosecutor, he understood me and an arrest warrant was issued again.


“I was exposed to violence from my husband for 13 years. Each time I remained silent, thinking about my children. That was the mistake I made. No woman should stay silent.”

She added: “The mistake I made almost cost my life.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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