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Social Media Creating Orwell’s Nightmare Vision Of The Future Says Comedian Influencer

Story By: James KingSub-EditorDarko Manevski, Agency: Clipzilla

The social media influencer behind the ‘Liberal Revolution’ project who scored a viral hit when he tearfully told the world he planned to leave the country if Trump came to power says social media filters are making George Orwell’s nightmare vision of the future a reality.

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TJ Malone, who runs the ‘Liberal Revolution’ page on Facebook and YouTube regularly posts content parodying liberals and the left-wing with sarcastic caricatures.

He notched up 3 million views in one video where, with tears streaming down his face, he revealed how “worried and frightened” he was about a Trump victory.

Addressing people who “care about humanity” and “care about social justice,” he said “I tell you this, if this man wins I will kill myself because I don’t want to be tortured and I will not be murdered by the alt-right and these racist sons of bitches.”

But after it went viral, it was taken down and TJ said that this is now common practice for the social media giants who target anything that challenges their ideal of what is acceptable.

Liberal Revolution/Clipzilla

In an exclusive interview with Newsflash he said: “My message to the world is get a bloody sense of humour and stop this insane Orwellian spiral into insanity.

“We live in a world where there is constant bickering and this perpetual anti-western agenda where the only thing we see in major media in the USA is negative criticism of all things and people of western cultural heritage.

“We see stigmas around every phrase, word and topic. We are being dragged into a constant state of contention and I suppose with the Liberal Revolution I am trying to beat the political and cultural left wing to the punch.”

Building up a following to spread his message is difficult, however, as he is constantly targeted by the social media he uses with penalties that limit his reach.

He said: “My channel was much bigger years back, I have been banned from youtube and facebook time after time, and Yes, Facebook and YouTube have banned various videos I have made.

“I have been shadow banned for videos that are given the label of ‘hate speech’, however, I notice they leave up videos with genuine bigotry and hate, but when the video is satirical and making a point against the media and ideas they promote, it gets the label of ‘hate speech’.

“Tim Pool, the American journalist, has exposed how big tech media and social media censor things they see as “conservative” or anti-leftist constantly, while allowing absurd and vile things to rest on social media from leftwing or corporate elements without question.”

Speaking about how he got into social media blogging and why he chose to mock the liberal elite he said: “I always had a knack for finding hypocrisy and double talk even as a youth in my schoolboy days. I would see the teacher say one thing and then the other, and I took it upon myself to make a point of it. I got myself suspended and in trouble on a near-daily basis. The Liberal Revolution began in 2012.”

He said that TJ Malone was his nom de plume, and added: “I am technically a millennial, so close enough to the age group of the modern insane left-wing era but old enough to remember a time when most people at least appeared to be sane.”

He added that his job was to ” . . help the sick and wounded”.

He chose the title “Liberal Revolution” as a name for his project because he wanted to sound overly dramatic and have a title that’s snappy, and said his Trump video which was such a viral hit was originally posted during the last US election.

Asked how he had known that the BLM movement would be so prominent moving forward, he said: “BLM was already becoming a popular organization then and I had already seen the radical agendas and bias they were pushing and suspected they would have a greater influence even before 2016.”

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He said: “BLM to me is a coalition of various individuals. Some of these individuals are good people with good hearts, while others and especially a large number of its leadership are malicious and hateful and dangerous individuals.

“Yusra Khogali, the leading member and founder of the Toronto BLM chapter said that white people are genetic defects on her Twitter page. She went on to state that BLM had the power to wipe white people out.”

Newsflash found the story reported in media like where they quoted her as saying “white skin is subhuman” and adding that white people “are recessive genetic defects”. “This is factual.” (

TJ added: “You can not condemn an organization or an entire group of people for one woman’s statements, but I have yet to see BLM discuss and condemn this woman’s statements.

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“That is concerning, how they are hyper-aware of every transgression that any white person may be guilty of, but unable to confront bigotry and hate from their own members.

“I find their claims at being against bigotry and “racism” to be false.

“As TJ I infiltrated a BLM rally where they had two members of the Nation Of Islam recruiting underage teens.

“The Nation of Islam is a bigoted organization by any standard, but these BLM chapters work hand in hand with radicals who have extremely racialist and racial nationalist leanings. I should also add there is a video with a BLM founder asserting that all the leaders of BLM are educated ideological Marxists.

“So it seems they have more agendas than simply making the world a more equal place.”

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Speaking about the election, he said he hoped that Trump would win but added: “I think these past 5- 6 months since the Coronavirus and the rioting across America have really caused the public to have the wind knocked out of their sails. Many people blame Trump for all of the woes we face. I do not think most people really get past the funny pages of the newspaper, and take everything at face value.

“Trump may win and I want him to. But nothing is inevitable until it happens. So predictions are tricky.”

But whatever side people are on, he said the importance of making fun of things should not be underestimated.

He said: “I suppose all I can say is humour and satire can be powerful weapons.

“Some of the native American tribes of North America had what they would call a Heyoka. A Heyoka was a person who would routinely visit the village and expose the bad behaviours that were present with satire and mocking and silly behaviour in order to agitate people but with the goal to make the tribe see their own folly.

“The European kingdoms often had Jesters for the same reason and in the modern era, we have had comedians and satire. however, I feel like satire and comedy is under attack.

Liberal Revolution/Clipzilla

“Censorship is growing and people mocking the culture are most often censored and suppressed.

“I feel the world needs to face scrutiny in order for nations and societies to grow.

“If we do away with these things then we end up with a world of unthinking automatons who react based on pavlovian response rooted in indoctrination and propagation akin to something out of an Orwell dystopia.

“I do not want that I want to live in a world where we can’t live, think, be offended, take offense, give offense learn, debate, disagree, grow and prosper, and not the world we are heading into now.

“The Liberal Revolution is a modern-day Heyoka, or Jester if you will.”

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