Tied-Up Bull Set Alight, Tormented, And Killed In Spain

Story ByMaja Mishevksa, Sub EditorMarija StojkoskaAgencyNewsflash

Video Credit: CEN/La Tortura No Es Cultura

This is the moment a tied-up bull’s horns are set on fire before onlookers torment the poor creature and pull on its tale before it is reportedly stabbed to death in a Spanish ritual.

The video was filmed during a ‘toro embolado’ (roughly meaning ‘bull with balls’) event in the town of Vall d’Uixo in the eastern Spanish province of Castellon and posted on Facebook by the organisation ‘Animal Guardians and Torture Is Not Culture’ where it has been viewed 20,000 times.

The animal rights group claim that organisers “terrorise the animals with what they fear the most, fire. This should not be a ‘fun’ moment.”

Activists also said: “The animals have a metal object placed on their horns with flammable material before they are released in a closed area for people to cheer and try to avoid them.

Picture Credit: CEN/La Tortura No Es Cultura

“The bulls, frightened by fire, shake their heads and cause sparks and flames which fall over its face and body.”

The organisation also said that the bulls “arrive in cramped cages” and often suffer with “dehydration and weight loss”.

Afterwards, “a man cuts a rope tied to a pole and the bull runs around the closed arena as people harass it”.

The group claimed: “After 15 minutes of fun, the bulls are restrained again by a group of men before being dragged inside the cage and stabbed to death.”

Activists criticised the practice for having “multiple irregularities, such as throwing sand and water in the animal’s face”, “burning the bull” and “kicking the animal from behind a barrier”.

The group also complained that these events are often paid for by the local authorities, saying that the money should instead be used on public services rather than animal cruelty.

Marta Esteban from the Independent Council Of Childhood Protection told local media that these events “distort the perception of the animals for young children which could be dangerous for their education”.

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