Thug Caged For 70yrs For Raping And Killing COVID 13yo

Story By: Juan Fenandez Mayes,  Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

This 32-year-old man has been sentenced to 70 years in prison for raping and killing a 13-year-old girl who was home alone while her mother did the shopping during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The man named in reports as Jose Ramon N., 32, was arrested on Thursday 9th April and sentenced to 70 years in prison the following day after he reportedly pleaded guilty to the rape and murder of Ana Paola, 13, on 2nd April. He was found guilty of rape and femicide.

Ana Paola’s lifeless body was found in a bedroom at her home in the city of Nogales located in the northern Mexican state of Sonora, bordering the US states of Arizona and New Mexico, with signs of violence while her mother went to stock up on food during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Local media report authorities were able to track the killer down in eight days after conducting interviews with witnesses and studying security camera footage from shops in the area.

The murderer tried to flee during his arrest and reportedly assaulted police with a weapon but was eventually subdued and taken into custody.

Stolen objects from the victim’s home were found in his residence and DNA evidence later helped confirm the man’s guilt.

General Prosecution of Justice of the State of Sonora District Attorney Claudia Indira Contreras said: “We were able to get a 70-year prison sentence against the femicide.

“With this result, we honour the memory of Ana Paola and we thank the confidence her family placed upon this prosecution’s office.

“We also want to assure our commitment once more to the Sonora population by obtaining exemplary sentences against those who have this kind of behaviour.”

Jose Ramon ‘N’ is originally from the town of Agua Prieta in the northeastern part of the state and has a criminal record after previously receiving a six-year sentence for robbing a chemist’s.

According to reports, the 32-year-old is addicted to methamphetamine, crystal meth and fentanyl.

The victim’s mother, who has not been named, said on social media: “There are no words to explain my feelings. I just want to be thankful that my girl lived and shined on Earth for 13 years and from today, will shine in the sky dancing for eternity” shortly after the incident.

The murder sparked outrage and the hashtag #JusticiaParaAnaPaola (Justice for Ana Paola) has trended.

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