Teammates Use Dead Pals Coffin To Score A Goal

Story By: Alex Cope Sub-Editor: Lee Bullen, Agency: Golder’s News & Sport Ltd.

This is the touching moment the former teammates of a dead footballer use his coffin to score a goal in an emotional tribute.

The scenes were recorded at a football pitch in the America de Juarez area of the city of Ciudad Victoria in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas after the death of amateur footballer Noe Acuna.

Video credit: Golders/Facebook

In the video, Acuna’s teammates from the Deportivo Llamas club can be seen passing the ball in front of a crowd of spectators when they reach the goalmouth.

One of the players then passes the ball to Acuna’s coffin, which has been placed in front of the goal and the ball rebounds into the back of the net.

The onlookers applaud the gesture as the teammates gather around the coffin and bend down in a touching tribute to their deceased friend.

Some of the spectators can be heard crying at the tribute.

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Picture credits: Golders, Golders/Facebook

The video was recorded by Noe Maldonado, who organised the local tournament in which the tribute was made.

It is not reported how Acuna, who was also known as Raki, died.

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