TEACHER’S PAT: Sleaze Miss Spanks Teen Pupils In Lap Dancing Session

A teacher has been suspended after a shocking video emerged of her encouraging teenage students to grind on her like male lap dancers.

The footage – filmed at a school in Muzquiz, Mexico, in January – shows the blonde teacher sitting in a chair in the middle of a classroom.

As loud music plays, she is seen urging three male pupils to dance provocatively as they grind their hips into her face and lap.

At one point, a boy wearing a sombrero shoves his backside into her groin while she spanks him on his behind.

When he comes back for a second session, he tries to pull her to her feet so they can be groin to groin and then holds her hand to make her spank him again.

As he faces her, he slides her hands onto his hips and straddles her as he starts to move towards her.

A second boy dances briefly for her as he shoves his backside into her lap.

Then a third teen grinds into her groin before the recording ends.

Throughout, the teacher – not named in local media – grins broadly while she wears what seems to be a garland of flowers.

Other pupils in the classroom – boys and girls – laugh and cheer as the shocking session carries on.

Parents of students at Colegio de Bachilleres de Coahuila were outraged when they saw the footage and demanded action, reported local media.

A student dances in front of his teacher while she sits on the chair in the Coahuila High School (Cobac) Rancheras campus, Coahuila, Mexico in January, 2023. The case reached the Coahuila Secretary of Education and teacher was punished. (CEN)

And now Coahuila state Education Minister Francisco Saracho has told local media: “That happened in the community of Rancherias, in the municipality of Muzquiz. It happened in recent weeks.

“The teacher is no longer at that school and it is a matter that the legal department has for the corresponding investigations, but what I can assure you is that she is no longer at that school.”

The clip has reportedly divided the internet, with some netizens defending the teacher, saying she clearly has a good rapport with her class.

Others, however, have said the behaviour seen in the footage is inappropriate for a teacher-student relationship and a school setting.