S+x On Train Conductor Drove To P++n Shoot While Banned

Story ByLee Bullen, Sub EditorJoseph Golder, AgencyNewsflash

The German railway worker who was sacked for shooting porn films on empty trains has now been fined for driving while banned.

The former train guard, identified only as 34-year-old Teresa W., because of German privacy laws, made headlines in summer 2019 when porn films appeared on the Internet that were shot on DB Regio trains in central Germany.

The rail worker was filmed posing in her train guard uniform as a strict dominatrix who punished male passengers caught fare dodging.


The footage had titles such as ‘fare dodger caught in Lady Ashley’s carriage’ or ‘the lady is overcome by desire at work’ with the footage shot in both the carriages and the driver’s cab.

The blonde, who is from the German city of Halle, reportedly filmed the footage on night trains running on regional lines in eastern Germany’s Saxony-Anhalt region.

At the time, she blasted the decision of her employers at German Rail (Deutsche Bahn) saying that she used her private time after work and that the state-owned company had no reason to dismiss her.

However, the company said that just the use of the uniform for her out-of-work activities was enough to dismiss her, and they also threatened further legal action once all the evidence had been looked at.

The publicity encouraged the blonde to move full-time into the porn business and she even mentioned opening her own S&M studio via crowdfunding.


But the budding porn star was forced to surrender her driving licence for one month in 2018 for speeding on the way to a porn shoot, and she was back in trouble when she got behind the wheel of her car after three weeks and was caught again and charged.

She had received the licence in the post with a note to not use it before the ban had finished in several days’ time.

But she was caught driving her red mini coupe to her next porn shoot.

As a result, the public prosecutor’s office launched criminal proceedings against Teresa W. and she has now been ordered to pay a fine of 7,800 EUR (7,190 GBP).

She has appealed the decision and a date is yet to be set for the hearing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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