Stripped Naked Body Of Militant Feminist Mum Of 2 Found

Story By: Juan Fenandez Mayes,  Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

A feminist mum who was a militant campaigner for women’s rights has been killed with her partially naked body dumped on waste ground.

Maria Florencia Gomez Pouillastrou, 35, was found dead on a remote path on the outskirts of the city and municipality of San Jorge located in the Argentine province of Santa Fe on Monday 12th October.

Her body was discovered by a group of people walking in the area who spotted her semi-naked corpse lying on the ground.

Maria Florencia Gomez Pouillastrou/Newsflash

According to local newspaper ‘Infoabae’, the case’ lead investigator Carlos Zoppegni said the cause of death was a blow to the head which he believed “could have been done with a rock”.

He added that there were no signs of any defensive injuries indicating that she “knew the person who killed her”.

Given that the victim’s body was found partially closed, “with her clothes removed”, Zoppegni said they are also considering whether there was a sexual motive for the crime.

Maria Florencia Gomez Pouillastrou/Newsflash

Gomez Pouillastrou’s body was identified by her ex-partner Lisandro Schiozzi, the father of her two daughters aged one and four.

The 35-year-old had left her daughters under the care of Schiozzi, an official for the Communist Party of San Jorge, as she was due to meet a friend for a walk.

However, Gomez Pouillastrou did not show up and the friend contacted Schiozzi who in turn called authorities.

Maria Florencia Gomez Pouillastrou/Newsflash

A short while later the body was discovered, and they asked him to help identify her.

There have been no arrests or reports of suspects of the murder.

When speaking with local broadcast ‘C5N’ Schiozzi said the Gomez Pouillastrou was a “militant revolutionary” who he had plans to help “organise women and fight the violence towards women”.

Maria Florencia Gomez Pouillastrou/Newsflash

She was part of an activist group called ‘Las Chuecas’.

They said: “They took Flor from us. From her daughters, family, friends and all the people that loved her, knew her and knew about her militant stance, commitment and love.”

The group also scheduled a march to demand justice for Gomez Pouillastrou which took place yesterday (Tuesday).

The investigation’s ongoing.

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