SONGS OF CRAZED: Prankster Plays Halo 3 Game Theme For Church Service

This is the hilarious moment a bored audio technician plays the theme tune of the hit video game Halo 3 during a church service for a bizarre prank.

Expert Kevin Davidson, 21, had been in charge of the audio set-up at the service in Los Angeles, California state, USA, when he decided to liven it up.

Newsflash obtained the footage from Kevin Davison – a part-time UberEats worker – who said: “I’ve been working in this church for about five or six years (the first years being more of an internship) and I was always contracted to do audio work.”

He added: “Every day, you’re called in at random times to go sit for at least three to five hours and listen to them, which is okay – just not how I choose to spend my days.

“So I got bored one particular day and decided to play “Skyrim ambience – day” in the background.”

Kevin even filmed the hilarious moment when churchgoers stood up from their seats during the prayer accompanied by the game theme.

Kevin Davison, 21, from Los Angeles, plays the HALO theme during a prayer meeting in undated footage. Kevin has played other music as well, and according to him, the pastor was impressed and liked the music. (@kid_atari_/Newsflash)

He said: “Me and my friends play Skyrim and talk about how soothing the music is like it could be played in a temple.”

On the video of his prank, Kevin wrote the caption: “I’ll keep playing music until they notice.”

Kevin Davison, 21, from Los Angeles, poses in an undated photo. Kevin works as an audio manager at a church. (@kid_atari_/Newsflash)

He said he at first took a video of the moment so he and his friends could have a bit of a laugh, but never expected the video would get mass attention.

And a pastor eventually did notice something different with the music and was even impressed with it, Kevin said.

The churchman told him later: “That is some of the best music I’ve had during service.”

Kevin also claims that he has no intention of exploiting the church to get views, but only did what he had done because he was simply trying to have some fun at work.