Son Meets Mum For 1st Time Since He Was Kidnapped 24 Years Ago And Says He Wants To Live With Her

A long-lost son has been reunited with his mother for the first time since he was kidnapped 24 years ago and he said he wants to live with her and help other families be reunited.

The touching reunion took place in the city of Luohe, which is located in Henan Province in central China, on Sunday, 23rd January.

And on Monday, 31st January, he returned to his hometown to celebrate Chinese New Year with his mother Li Fang and his other relatives.

Mother, Li Fang, and son, Zhang Yangyang, reunited after 24 years, in Luohe, China. (LGF99666/AsiaWire)

Zhang Yangyang, 28, was kidnapped as a child 24 years ago, but he has reportedly returned to his mother in his hometown and he spent Chinese New Year with her and with his other relatives.

He now reportedly wants to spend his first year together with his mum after the pair was recently reunited, and he is working out how to make it happen.

Thinking about his future, the young man said he wants to become a family-seeking volunteer, a person who works to reunite family members, just like the people who made it possible for him to see his mother again.

Zhang Yangyang who was abducted 24 years ago in Luohe, China. (Looking For Son Zhang Yangyang/AsiaWire)

He said: “I want to be a family-seeking volunteer. The first point is because I saw my mother had searched for me for 24 years. The sadness in this is really not easy. Another is that there were some other volunteers helping my mother, I think this is a very meaningful thing to do.”

Li Fang, meanwhile, wished everyone all the best for 2022 and for all kidnapped children to be able to go home and be reunited with their parents.