Screaming Hitman Has Chest Cut Open By Rival Gang

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This is the moment a self-confessed cartel hitman has his chest cut open as he screams in pain after being caught by members of a rival gang who he begs to spare his life.

The video was recorded in 2018 but has only just surfaced on social media and reportedly shows Federico Avalo Sanchez, alias ‘El Siri’, alleged ex-member of the Jalisco Nueva Generacion Cartel after he was caught by the rival gang Los Viagra.

According to local media outlet Infobae, the disturbing incident was recorded in Sahuayo, in the western Mexican state of Michoacan.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

In the video, Sanchez can be seen speaking to the camera saying he works for the Jalisco Nueva Generacion Cartel selling drugs and as a hitman, and he names allegedly corrupt civil servants who are said to work with the cartel.

He says: “I work for the Jalisco Nueva Generacion Cartel. I work selling drugs and as hitman. Rodrigo Tejeda, Armando Tejeda (allies of the mayor) and Rodrigo Sanchez (Mayor of Sahuayo), the current president of Sahuayo, support us. They are the ones who support us from the government so that we can carry out our misdeeds.”

He then says he “wants to keep living” asking his captors for “clemency” saying he is “repentant”, adding: “I say to the young people, don’t believe anything they say. At the end, they are not supporting you, they do not defend you and they let you die alone in battle.”

The video then cuts to Sanchez having his chest cut open as he screams in pain with a foot pushing his head into the ground.

His chest and stomach are slit open with his intestines visible before he is hauled onto his side and a foot against presses his head into to the ground.

Local media report Los Viagra thugs were working to cut his heart out and Sanchez’s body was found with another corpse in the city of Sahuayo with a message threatening the mayor.

The Los Viagra gang operates in and has control of the region known as Tierra Caliente (Hot Land) in Michoacan, Infobae report. 

According to the authorities, the gang is fighting for control over the local drug trade, especially crystal meth, against the Jalisco Nueva Generacion Cartel.

A wave of violence in the municipalities of Nueva Italia, Apatzingan, Paracuaro, La Huacana, Churumuco, Arteaga, Ario de Rosales, Nuevo Urecho and Buena Vista Tomatlan has been blamed on gang violence.

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