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Russia COVID Case Confirmed As Irish Chess Player

Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash

The first COVID-19 diagnosis in northern Russia has been confirmed as an Irishman who had arrived in the country to take part in a chess contest.

The Irish patient, name and age not disclosed, was reportedly hospitalised in the city of Murmansk in the north-western Russian region of Murmansk Oblast, bordering with Finland, on 16th March.

Local media said that a COVID-19 test returned positive and the Irishman was confirmed as the first carrier of the virus in the region of Murmansk Oblast.

According to reports, he was preparing to take a flight to the capital Moscow to continue a chess tournament that started at the Meridian hotel in Murmansk.

The local authorities reportedly forced him to go to hospital straight from the airport.

Doctors at the Bayandina Hospital in Murmansk said that he feels well and is not in a life threatening condition.

A hospital spokesperson said: “The patient is in an isolated box. He has a mild case of the disease. If necessary, therapy will be adjusted by consulting doctors. All necessary drugs are available. Anti-epidemic measures are being carried out.”

According to the local media, everyone the Irishman came into contact with in Russia has been identified.

The other foreign contestants in the chess tournament have been tested and their results all came back negative, according to reports.

Deputy Governor of Murmansk Oblast, Evgeny Nikora, who took part in the contest opening, has also reportedly been quarantined with the Irishman after their tests were approved by the local Vector laboratory.

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