Russia Court Bailiffs Beat OAP For Phone Making Noise

Story By: Anastasia Smirnova, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@vklimkin84

This is the moment Russian court bailiffs throw an elderly man to the floor and forcefully march him through the building because his phone made noise in court.

The incident took place in the courthouse of the city of Kaluga in western Russia’s Kaluga Oblast region where Yuriy Sosnovskiy, 71, was reportedly supporting a friend.

The OAP reportedly forgot to put his phone on silent and the device made a sound when he received a message during the session.

Picture Credit: CEN/@vklimkin84

The judge reportedly lost his temper and asked Sosnovskiy to leave the court. The OAP was reportedly slow to leave the court because of his age and he asked the judge why he had to leave.

Local media report that the court bailiffs then grabbed him, twisting his arms behind his back.

The OAP said: “They hit my head on the ground, while wringing my arms.”

Footage made by an unnamed onlooker on a smart phone camera shows Yuriy being thrown to the floor with his arms behind his back.

The three bailiffs then lift him and forcefully march him down the stairs of the courthouse before taking him into a room and closing the door.

Local media report the OAP’s joints were in a lot of pain and there were visible signs of bruises on his body.

He has reported the incident to local police who have reportedly launched an investigation.

Netizen ‘muzey avtografov’ said: “B*stards…”

And ‘Perun’ commented: “What a bunch of morons.”

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