ROME BURNS: Wildfire Burns And Destroys Mountain Forest Near Rome

This is the moment Italian firefighters use a Canadair aircraft in a fire-extinguishing intervention that lasted for more than 20 hours as a raging wildfire burned through an Italian forest.

Newsflash obtained the footage from the Vigili del Fuoco, along with a statement that said the plane was dumping the fire retardant over the blaze that affected the Monte degli Elci area, northeast of Rome, Italy.

The Monte degli Elci fire that has been burning since the afternoon of 18th October with hard-to-reach flames, made things difficult for the extinguishing operations that went on all night.

The Fire Brigade reported that the southern side of mountain Carpignano, where the fire is most active, is completely burnt, but the olive groves in the valley seem to be safe.

The Fire Brigade said they worked all night and are slowly succeeding at containing the flames, which are under constant monitoring.