Reheated Egg Explodes In Chinese Diners Face After He Prods It With Chopsticks

This is the moment a reheated egg explodes in a Chinese diner’s face after he prods it with his chopsticks.

The egg blast was filmed at a diner in the city of Xuzhou in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu on 28th November while the man was enjoying a bowl of porridge with eggs.

According to the news site Baidu, the man asked the waitress to reheat his eggs as they were cold and she popped them in a microwave oven for a moment.

Egg explodes as a man was about to eat it in Xuzhou, China. (Yourmannn/AsiaWire)

When the man prodded his chopsticks into one of the eggs, it exploded in his face and covered his hair and spectacles in yolk and egg white.

Despite the unpleasant dining experience, the man was unhurt in the incident, and did not appear too upset in the CCTV footage.

In the video, the diner is seen tugging at the egg white with his chopsticks before it suddenly explodes in his face.

Second before the egg explodes as a man was about to eat it in Xuzhou, China. (Yourmannn/AsiaWire)

The man recoils and springs to his feet to remove his egg-splattered glasses.

He shakes the egg pieces from his hands and wipes his brow before reporting the incident to the waitress.

According to a report on the phenomena on hard-boiled eggs can be made in the microwave without exploding, but it reportedly becomes a problem when the egg is reheated.

Egg explodes as a man was about to eat it in Xuzhou, China. (Yourmannn/AsiaWire)

The site said it is because not every bit of liquid in the hard-boiled egg will disappear so that when microwaved – tiny pockets of water can become superheated and spontaneously boil when exposed to air, as happened in this case.

The woman is seen approaching the diner’s table as he cleans himself up at the far end of the restaurant.

She then hits his other egg with a ladle to check if it would explode like the other one.