Prince George To Keep Attenborough Shark Tooth Fossil

Story By: Les Steed, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

Prince George can keep his shark tooth according to Maltese officials who caused a stir over the 23 million year old fossil given to him by naturist Sir David Attenborough.

Malta’s Culture Minister Jose’ Herrera caused an international fuss when he told the Times of Malta that he wanted to “get the ball rolling” and have the fossil added to the nation’s heritage collection under the Cultural Heritage Act of 2002 instead.

He has since pulled a U-turn and decided to let the 7-year-old prince keep his fossil following sharp public backlash.


A spokesman said: “As a nation, we are extremely fond of our history and hence through our national heritage agencies we are always actively looking at avenues to acquire artefacts that have intrinsic value to the Maltese Islands.

“The minister’s comments on Monday had also drawn a backlash, with some arguing that there were more important matters that the minister could pursue, including the disappearance of taxpayer’s money through corruption.”

Sir Attenborough found the fossil in Malta during a family holiday in the 1960s.

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