Pilot Sacked After Being Caught Taking Photos Of Female Intern In Work Toilet

The pilot for a well-known Chinese airline was allegedly fired and detained after he got caught snapping pics of a young stewardess in a toilet cubicle.

Accused Pang, 26, reportedly lost his job as a crew member at Xiamen Airlines – based in the south-eastern city of Xiamen – after he allegedly snuck into the female bathroom and took photos of the young intern when she went into the toilet cubicle.

But she reportedly caught him as she came outside and began yelling, alerting bystanders to the incident.

Angered witnesses apparently tried to stop him from getting away and cornered him outside the restroom, shouting at him and trying to restrain him.

The clip – shared later on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok – shows several men trying to hold down the pilot as numerous flight attendants dressed in blue uniforms stand close by.

One of them, who seems to be the one he took pictures of, can be heard shouting (in Chinese): “He secretly took pictures!” and “Bring his mobile phone here!”.

Police later got involved and seized Pang, who was later reportedly placed under administrative detention.

Several men try to control a person resisting as flight attendants scream in undated footage in China. An airline worker sneaked into ladies restroom to take photos of the company’s female employees. (AsiaWire)

He is reportedly accused of violating privacy laws and voyeurism.

The airline reportedly confirmed the pilot has since been fired, but claimed any further details will be released after an internal investigation.

Numerous netizens criticised the pilot’s actions which they branded as “true pity”.

Douyin user ‘Yinglong Decoration’ said in a comment: “Such a shame for highly educated people.”

While ‘Brother Tian’ wrote: “It’s really perverted, I don’t understand what’s so good about it!”

And ‘2530777269009 falters’ said: “It’s sad that airlines can also have rubbish people.”