Partially-Buried Dog Rescued From Bottom Of Ravine

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CEN/Asociacion TARA

This is the moment animal rescuers find a partially-buried and malnourished dog trapped in the earth in a mud-filled ravine.

The dog was found by two passersby in a ditch at the bottom of the ravine between the municipalities of Santo Tome and Quesada in the southern Spanish province of Jaen.

CEN/Asociacion TARA

They reportedly contacted local animal activist Isabel, who is a member of The Animal Rights Alliance (TARA).

Isabel and several colleagues went to the scene where they found the dog which has since been named Titan partially buried at the bottom of the deep ravine.

CEN/Asociacion TARA

She told local media: “Despite being around 10 years old, the dog should have been big enough to drag itself out of the ravine if it had simply fallen in.”

However, she believes Titan had been partially buried by a person.

Once NGO members had freed the elderly dog in a 30-minute rescue operation they noticed that it had a bloody, pus-filled wound that “smelled like death” and so took him to a vet.

Vets did not find a microchip on the dog and it is currently unclear who the owner is.

The pooch is not said to be in a serious condition, but it has a serious leg infection which currently prevents it from being able to walk, and it displayed symptoms of malnourishment, according to reports.

It is unclear whether the local authorities are investigating the matter.

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