PARCEL FORCE: Troops Parachute In With Massive Air Drop Of Equipment

This video documents Airborne 23, the largest static-line troop jump and cargo drop exercise of the year.

The 374th Airlift Wing provided assistance for soldiers of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force on the 31st of January 2023.

The drill included C-130Js from Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas and the 36th Airlift Squadron at Yokota Air Base in Japan, delivering JGSDF personnel for an airdrop at the Combined Arms Training Center Camp Fuji in Japan.

The Pacific Air Forces division’s 374th Airlift Wing Unit is based at Yokota Air Base in Japan. All Department of Defense agencies in the Pacific theatre of operations get airlift assistance from the 374th Airlift Wing, the sole airlift wing in the Pacific Air Forces. Additionally, it offers transportation services for both people and goods across the Kant Plain and the greater Tokyo area.

Soldier paradrop during the Airborne 23 exercise, on Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2023. Airborne 23 the largest annual static-line personnel jump and cargo drop exercise between the U.S. Air Force and JGSDF. (Manuel Zamora; U.S. Air Force/Newsflash)

The 374th Airlift Wing has never been stationed in the United States.

The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, or JGSDF, is the land combat component of the Japan Self-Defense Forces. Founded on July 1, 1954, it is the biggest of the three service branches. The JGSDF had over 150,000 members as of 2018.