Outrage As Azealia Banks Calls Russia Cuisine Barbaric

Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash

American hip-hop artist Azealia Banks has been slammed for calling Russian cuisine the “most barbaric peasant food ever seen” while telling locals to “go wash your a*s in the town well”.

The controversial rapper, who called Irish women “f*cking ugly” following an incident on a flight to Ireland last year, told her army of online followers: “Russian cuisine is some of the worst most barbaric peasant food ever seen.

“Please go eat some deer cheeks and beets and go wash your ass in the town well.”


The 28-year-old US star added that she likes Russia’s blini (crepes), honey cake ‘medovik’, and smoked fish, pickles and caviar.

However, she claimed that she could cook local dishes better than most Russian people, adding: “I make better blinis than your grandma and harvest my own caviar from my aqua-cooch.”

Many netizens were outraged by the artist’s comments and her Twitter page has been suspended due to a violation of rules.


Netizen ‘Mariannaosipova2264’ commented: “I suggest you never visit Russia because our bears will find you by your foul smell. Even if you survive that, you’ll try to wash your a*s in the well but it will end up getting stuck!”

‘Irinanadzhip’ said: “Tell hungry African kids how terrible borscht and beets are.”

Many other netizens also claimed that the United States barely has a cuisine.


According to local media, after her Twitter account was suspended, Russian netizens flocked to her Instagram page to let the rap star know what they think of her.

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