Mystery As Cops Try To Identify Metal Box Murder Victim

Story By: Kathryn Quinn, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

This is a police sketch of a murder victim found in a metal box at the bottom of a river with a tattoo and ring bearing the name “Michaela” as cops are trying to identify him.

The gruesome remains were found in a locked metal box in the River Elbe near to Dessau-Rosslau, in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt in July 2016 but police are still searching for clues to help them identify the victim of the murder.

Investigators have been unable to trace the identity of the man who was found with a ring and a tattoo which both had the name Michaela on them despite an international appeal. Police believe this could have been the man’s wife but nobody has ever contacted the police confirming this.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

Police have relaunched the appeal in a desperate attempt to solve the murder.

The man’s remains were investigated and police have confirmed he was murdered. The body of the man, who was 1.8 metres ( five feet 11 inches) tall with an athletic figure, was reportedly covered in serious injuries.

He was found in a rusty metal box with a sticker for German TV station ZDF on it and black writing.

Police looked through dozens of missing person profiles but could not find a match.

The murder investigation unit created a facial reconstruction and profile pictures of the victim and made appeals on TV to try and determine his identity. His bones were also analysed but investigators have not been able to identify him.

Police reportedly received 331 clues following a TV documentary on ‘Kripo Live’ and ‘Aktenzeichen XY… ungelost’ but they also came to nothing.

A police spokesperson said: “Murder does not have a time limit on investigations and we are continuing to look into this.

“The box with the remains was thrown off a motorway bridge into the river. The investigation into his remains showed the man had lived in Germany for at least ten years before his death, but he was not born in central Europe.”

The man is thought to be from southeast Europe and is believed to have lived there until he was around 35 before moving to Germany.

The investigation is ongoing.

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