Murdered Teens Dad Fights 100X Stabbers Early Release

Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News 

A dad has pledged to do everything possible to see the man who murdered his schoolgirl daughter when he stabbed her over 100 times stays locked up despite plans for his early release.

Fabian Tablado, now aged 43, stabbed his girlfriend Carolina Alo, 16, 113 times to death on 27th May 1996. At the time of the murder, he was 20 years old and it has been revealed that he is now likely to be released early two years ahead of time because of a technicality.

Picture Credit: CEN

The murder, which happened in the municipality of San Isidro in Greater Buenos Aires in the Buenos Aires province in north-eastern Argentina shocked the country, and Tablado was sentenced to 24 years in prison by a court in San Isidro.

However, he was reportedly a model prisoner and became eligible for temporary prison leaves where he met and married a woman called Roxana, and then had another two years added to his sentence when he threatened to kill her.

Picture Credit: CEN

The two convictions meant he should not have been allowed out before 2022 but it has been shortened by two years thanks to an abolished law that was valid when Tablado was sentenced that count the two years in pre-trial detention as double.

A judicial source told local news agency Telam: “He received a prison sentence of 24 years linked to the abolished ‘2×1’ law 24.390 which was valid at the time he was sentenced and allowed him to count as double the days he was imprisoned without a final sentence (between 1996 and 1998).”

Picture Credit: CEN

Carolina Alo’s father Edgar Alo told newspaper Infobae: “I was never told about this. They have done it in absolute silence to keep it low profile. Depending on what they say I will work with my lawyers to appeal the decision.”

He added: “I have been going to the court for 24 years to make sure he does not get out of prison. I do not understand why this psychopath murderer is now being released before his time has been served.”

According to local media, Tablado has been a well-behaved prisoner who lives in the pavilion for Christian prisoners in the prison Unidad 21 de Campana and he has completed his high school studies and some professional education.

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